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The Fosse Style - Debra McWaters

The Fosse Style - Debra McWaters

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Even people with the barest interest in Broadway can recognize the unique, angular, sensual style of Bob Fosse. With its small gestures and isolated movements, it is frequently copied--and often misinterpreted. For there is far more to it than bowler hats and white gloves, which is why choreographer Debra McWaters has put together the ultimate visual and verbal guide to Fosse's way of dancing, choreographing, and teaching. Using hundreds of photographs, as well as descriptions from Fosse himself, McWaters guides dancers and teachers through the process of understanding the intricacies of this style of jazz dance. An assistant to Gwen Verdon on Fosse, a long-time associate of Ann Reinking, and personal choreographer for Ben Vereen, McWaters is uniquely situated to write this book. The Fosse Style provides facts, not guesswork, about how to execute Fosse's signature movements, information handed down from an illustrious list of artists and performers. It closes with a sample dance featuring Fosse's signature moves. No dancer or fan of such shows as The Pajama Game, Damn Yankees!, Sweet Charity, Cabaret, Pippin, or Chicago can afford to be without this book!
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