About us

Dancer’s Image was founded over three and half decades ago by dancers for dancers. We knew if we provided a great selection of products that we loved, our dance family and friends would share our passion for exquisite elegance in movement. It is a pleasure to help dancers find the right tools they need to make their dance dreams come true. We want to help you choose from our extensive curated collection of dancewear and our perfectly fitted footwear.

Our knowledgeable team can help your toddlers start their love affair with dance whether it is tap, jazz, ballet, or hip hop. Our passionate and experienced dance staff is versatile in all dance forms and will help you start your dance journey. Every dancer, at any age, needs nurturing and support. We help make your dancing the best it can be by providing you with the latest dance products, dance fashions, and reliable footwear. If you want to feel like a dancer, you must be comfortable in what you are wearing. Properly fitted dance shoes is a must for every dancer to succeed. Dancer’s Image has exceptional expertise to help create a unique and personalized experience that you, our customers, deserve. Our committed staff has always shared the same values for perfection, unique savoir-faire and a strong passion for sophistication and creativity.

Happy Dancing and see you soon!