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JoyThru Dance Bag

JoyThru Dance Bag

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The JoyThru Dance Bag is a complete storage system, with built-in measures to hinder mildew and bacterial growth, the cause of unpleasant odors, as well as to absorb unwanted moisture.

This one bag does it all, with a multitude of compartments to store all your essentials:
• Four removable mesh "pods" that promote airflow, perfect for your pointe shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes, or other footwear, as well as clean leotards, tights, or other apparel.
• Two removable clear pods, making it easy to see and find your smaller essentials.
• Three attached mesh pockets, an excellent option for your ballet slippers, toe pads, and more.
• A removable, washable laundry bag. Simply fill it up as you change tights, leotards, etc., unzip it when ready and it's ready for the washing machine.

All four mesh pods contain a built-in reVIVE packet. These non-toxic and hypoallergenic charcoal packets absorb humidity, fight bacterial growth, and reduce odors with an earth-friendly approach.

Using the attached hook for hanging, create a pop-up dressing station to keep you on top of your routine and keep clothes off the ground.

The JoyThru Dance Bag is built to last for years, with every stitch and seam meticulously crafted. It is designed to meet the demands of daily dance life, with lightweight straps that adjust to your comfort and preference. The all-purpose JoyThru Dance Bag safeguards your gear, and keeps you ready to dance without missing a beat!

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