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Cuban Ballet - Book by Octavio Roca

Cuban Ballet - Book by Octavio Roca

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The unique style of Cuban ballet is galvanizing the world of dance in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and beyond. This lavishly illustrated book explores the history of Cuban ballet first by focusing on the life and career of the indomitable Alicia Alonso. Then it tells of the many young dancers in the Cuban diaspora who are changing the face of ballet in the 21st Century: Lorena Feijoo, Lorna Feijoo, Joan Boada, Taras Domitro, Jose Manuel Carreno, Rolando Sarabia, and Carlos Acosta to name but a few.

While focusing on the artistry and spirit of Cuban dancers, both within and out of Cuba, Octavio Roca pulls no punches but deftly explores the political realities artists face in Cuba and the reasons so many have to leave their beloved home to reach their full potential, taking their grace, beauty, strength, and style with them. Cuba's loss has become the world's gain. And the gripping tales of these beautiful Cuban dancers reads like a novel that happens to be true.
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