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Bryn Leather Slipper with Nylon/Spandex Arch

Bryn Leather Slipper with Nylon/Spandex Arch

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This premium leather split-sole shoe ballet shoe has a nylon spandex insert under the arch to maximize the hugging of the instep. It also features:

* A higher vamp line makes sure that the metatarsals stay comfortably inside the shoe even on demi-pointe
* Elastic casing replaces the drawstring for tendon health and a streamlined look
* Smaller suede toe and heel pads are lightly cushioned to achieve a closer connection with the floor
* Pre-sewn crossed elastics make these shoes ready for the stage or studio
SIZING: We recommend starting with same as youth street shoe size, or 1/2-1 size up for a roomier fit.

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