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Barre Slider

Barre Slider

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The Barre Slider by American Dance Supply is the new "must have" accessory for your barre work.

This soft, comfortable fleece wrap easily fastens around the barre with a simple velcro strip, helping to keep the dancer from coming into direct contact with the barre and thereby preventing germ transmission.

In use, the Barre Slider provides cushioning for your stretches, and reduces pressure on the Achilles tendon when it is placed on the barre. The Barre slider moves very smoothly along the barre, protecting from any rough spots while while stretching which can sometimes cause abrasions or splinters.

When performing other stretches with your hand on the barre, the Barre Slider continues to protect you from germ transmission, and as it slides with movement it helps train the dancer to focus more on their balance and not grip the barre too tightly.

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