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Axiom Strong Pointe Shoes

Axiom Strong Pointe Shoes

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Axiom Strong offers all the wonderful attributes of the Axiom, with the addition of a stronger shank. The Axiom Strong is designed for advanced students and professionals with strong leg and foot muscular development. An ideal performance shoe for the strong, developed foot. It molds to the shape of the foot, combining support and flexibility.

  • The shoe molds to the shape of the foot, providing many internal contact points
  • Small oval platform
  • The full length shank is partially detached from the shoe, pasted up to the 3/4 point and not glued or tacked at the heel. It can be cut to a desired length, which gives less resistance while remaining supportive. The standard design can be tailored to the extreme position where there is no arch resistance from the break point to the heel. With less resistance from the shank past the break point, the dancer will feel well supported and uplifted when en pointe
  • Wings, long U-shaped vamp and tapered box keeps the foot centered and supported laterally 
  • The low cut sides and profile create an elegant, graceful leg line and enhances foot articulation
  • Diagonal side seam reduces satin creasing
  • Cotton drawstring
  • B paste
  • The tapered box with long vamp and wings keeps the foot centered and supported laterally
  • Removable internal gel toe cushions
  • Ribbons and elastic sold separately


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