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Another 'pointe' of View: The Life & Times of a Ballet Mom

Another 'pointe' of View: The Life & Times of a Ballet Mom

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"...As I watched from the darkness of the audience, I remembered the violin teacher some four or five years earlier who had told me she thought he was musically gifted...Two minutes later it was all just a memory. I looked over at my husband, who had the bewildered look of a man who's just witnessed something completely unexpected. 'My God,' he said, 'he's a dancer.' From his lips to God's ear - and how God must have laughed. This was no surprise to God..."
...and just that quickly, author PJ Parsons became a ballet mom and the journey through the landscape of the elite ballet world - always as an outsider - began. When she left her son all those miles from home at Canada's National Ballet School at the age of eleven, she was unprepared for this journey that eventually taught her important lessons about preparing a child for his own path. This memoir is her story.

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